How to effectively keep a Migraine/headache Diary -Starting today


Not only do you need to keep a diary of that heart-melting, or maybe embarrassing  moment you experienced earlier today, but it is also important to keep a detailed record of your headache/ migraine attacks.

If you have been experiencing recurrent headaches or migraines, this might be the next most important habit that you need to inculcate into your life. Even though the “why” might seem obvious, I think I should reiterate that the more information you have about your headaches, the more chance you stand in overcoming them. Understanding your migraine/headache triggers, the time of the day you are prone to getting them, the types of foods that make them worse or the ones that soothe your head pain, would eventually help you tailor your lifestyle into a migraine/headache free one.

What the hell do I Write?

Again, the goal here is to record every and any information that can help you in detecting patterns in your migraines/headaches.

Here is a break down of the important contents that you should include in your Headache diary. Feel free to add any other information you feel is important as well.

Date and Time

It is important that you add the date of the attack and it you can even take it up a notch if you can include a time -doesn’t have to be exact but should be clear enough to give you what period of the day you had the attack.

Also you should add the date and time when the attack ended.


You should include any signs you got prior to the attack that hinted you might have an headache/migraine any time soon. It’s okay if you can’t remember any. Just watch out for these signs next time.


Try to describe how the headace/migraine felt. What part of the head did you feel it? Was it accompanied by other feelings like dizziness, nausea, light or sound sensitivity? You get the idea


You can also describe how intense the headache/migraine was on a certain scale. 1-10 or 1-5.


Record any medication you used and also state if it worked to your satisfaction or not.


Did you have a good sleep the previous night and even the night before that. How many hours would you say you slept?

Exercise or rigorous activity

Record if you engaged in any exercise and for how long.

If it was a rigorous physical/ stressful activity, you should record it too.

Food (Important)

Try to record all the food or drinks you remember taking as far back as 72 hours before the attack. It might take some time before food triggers get into effect so it is important that you record as far back as possible.

Weather changes

Were there any weather change that you might suspect e.g was it rainy or snowy.


Write here any suspicions you may have about your triggers.

Phew. That was a lot

Now that you have all these basic information recorded, it is extremely easy for you to look back on the past four or five headaches/migraine attacks you’ve had and look out for any patterns, or common factors.

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