How to prevent Headaches and Migraines?- The Unloom guide

How To Prevent Headaches and Migraines

You are probably here because you are tired of experiencing headaches and migraines and you want to find a suitable method to prevent them.

While some headaches are hereditary, others have unknow cause and many are caused by lifestyle choices. In this article, I would share with your three main with which you can prevent headaches and migraines or at least reduce the frequency of its occurrence.

Non medicative preventions 

If you are are susceptible to headaches, you should try to document the triggers that you are usually exposed to before you experience your headache or migraine. Once you are able to discover your triggers, effort should be made to reduce your exposure to these triggers. While this might not totally eliminate the occurrence of your headaches, this would most likely reduce the frequency. This method combined with a medication would be a very effective way to treat your headaches and migraines.

Some triggers of headaches that you can look out for include:

    • Foods e.g bananas, Monosodium glutamate MSG, canned eggs, onions, yoghurt, avocado, livers, etc.

    • Fasting

    • Sexual activities

    • Plane rides and increased altitude

    • Menstruation and ovulation

    • Stress

    • Increase screen time

    • Caffeine

    • Alcohol

Medication prevention methods of headaches and migraines

Along with other non-medicative prevention methods, it is best that you speak to a doctor, especially if you have recurring headaches. Your doctor can then prescribe the best medications for the treatment and prevention of your headaches. Your doctor might prescribe drugs like beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), ergots, etc. These drug groups might not be suitable for everyone; hence, it is important that you consult your doctor before using any preventive or curative medication for your headaches or migraines.

Physical therapy

 You can always help yourself to a nice massage to release the tension in your muscles. This can help relieve your headaches (especially tension-type headaches). this is always a good way to prevent headaches when you get signs that you night soon have a headache. Physical and massage therapy can also help you relax when you experience you headaches.

I personally recommend getting a stand-by massager like the Unloom head and eye massager.

side view of unloom head-eye massager

This electronic massager is a great investment as it can come in handy in situations where you start experiencing signs of an upcoming headache or migraine (Aura). This could happen at the most inconvenient times for example in the midnight or very early in the morning. 

Since most headaches and migraines are mostly linked to tension and stress, investing in a portable, electronic massager is a great investment!

Read more about how the Unloom head-eye massager works, it benefits and how to get one. 

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