Is my Headache Chronic or Acute (episodic) ?

Is my Headache Chronic or Acute (episodic) ?

Figuring out if a headache is chronic or acute can be really tricky. It’s something best left to a doctor to decide.

An acute headache is one that doesn’t happen often. On the other hand, a chronic headache keeps coming back a lot within a short time. But telling the difference isn’t always easy. Some doctors might call certain cases a series of acute headaches, while others might say it’s chronic headaches.

To make things clearer, the International Headache Society made some rules. They say for a headache to be chronic, it has to happen at least fifteen days every month for six months. This helps in simple cases, but it can be confusing when someone has headaches for, let’s say, fourteen days each month for six months.

So, it’s really up to a doctor to decide if your headache is chronic or acute. They have the knowledge to understand your situation. Getting their help means you can find out more about your headaches and how to deal with them better.

However, acute or episodic, it is really important that you have migraine and headache management system. Sometimes, these headaches and migraines are inevitable and you just need to be prepared for them.

Since most headaches and migraines are mostly linked to tension and stress, investing in a portable, electronic massager is a great investment!

I personally recommend getting a stand-by massager like the Unloom head and eye massager.

side view of unloom head-eye massager

This electronic massager is a great investment as it can come in handy in situations where you start experiencing signs of an upcoming headache or migraine (Aura). This could happen at the most inconvenient times for example in the midnight or very early in the morning. 

Read more about how the Unloom head-eye massager works, it benefits and how to get one. 

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